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Handmade Gothic Jewelry

Beautiful , exclusive handmade jewelry, each piece is unique. Any insects/animals used have been found dead and have not been harmd in any way, we are lovers of the entomological and animal world and we present them here in all their beauty.

Post-Apocalyptic Bags - Devolution®, Gothic Bags - Hammer House , Record Bags - Fish with Legs©

Hammer House Bags                 

Each Devolution and Fish with Legs bag is made to order (delivery usually 2-3 days), designed made in England.
Hammer House products from an authorised supplier.

Devolution®, Night Moth© and Fish with Legs© are the property of Wormhole Ltd, 2003, UK.
We design and print all of the clothing, cards and record bags, and we make all of the jewelry and Devolution® bags.
therefore they may not be reproduced or transmitted in any way shape or form without our prior consent. Thank you!

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